Falsified Birth Certificates is Wide Spread in the USA with Government Employees Criminally “Seeding” Archives and Selling “Real” Ones in Some Instances

Click on the Image for Evidence which proves Obama long form Birth Certificate is a Forgery

Falsified Birth Certificates is Wide Spread in the USA with Government Employees Criminally “Seeding” Archives and Selling “Real” Ones in Some Instances

Read more about the various kinds of birth certificate fraud uncovered to date in various states and commonwealths here:  http://www.peoplefindernow.com/3adofals.htm

In addition to the birth certificates for sale and fraud in Puerto Rico, there was the back seeding of fraudulent birth registrations into the birth records archives and the selling of birth certificates by government workers in Hudson County in NJ.   See the below statement from the above site about the fraud by government employees in NJ.
Somebody in Hudson county was selling false birth certificates. The way he did it was to add false records in the Hudson county archives, then sell that information to an illegal. Then the illegal could just ask for a duplicate passport and be issued one because the information he would provide would be in the Hudson County archives where they look to verify that the birth occurred. Also the non-adoption related situation with Hudson County requires people born there to travel to Trenton to get copies of their birth certificates

Hmmh, has someone in the Hawaii Health Dept been doing the same thing with Virginia Sunahara’s birth registration number and record? Is the HI Health Dept been committing criminal birth certificate fraud for money for a long time and is now about to get caught since they chose to cover up for Obama and invite closer scrutiny of what may have been been going on in that office for decades?  Could this be why the HI Health Dept is fighting so hard to not allow any access to Virginia Sunahara’s original birth certificate on the microfilms?  Since she died one day after here birth she was a prime candidate for identity theft and birth certificate fraud.  Has her birth registration number been sold to someone else?

See examples of birth certificate fraud at this site:

Download and read this US. government report on birth certificate fraud:

Identity fraud is rampant in this country and birth certificate fraud occurs on a regular basis.  See this video of Fox News covering this problem and the forging of “breeder documents” such as birth certificates: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJILWXNyie0

With Obama using a digital image that is an obvious forgery for a birth certificate and using a Connecticut SSN that according the Social Security Administration was never issued to him and which number fails the E-Verify SSN checking system, Obama is showing all the signs of being a person committing identity fraud.   Obama’s true legal identity needs to be fully and thoroughly investigated by a controlling legal authority operating with full subpoena powers to get contemporaneous original documents and evidence from the issuing authorities and with Obama and others testifying under oath and access to contemporaneous medical records to prove he was really born in Hawaii or just falsely registered as being born there.

The Obama constitutional eligibility issue is not a fringe issue!  South Carolina Poll Results – A poll done by Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows that almost 2/3 of GOP voters want Obama’s constitutional eligibility and true legal identity investigated. This is not a fringe issue: http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.printable&pageId=340805

CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)
Lehigh Valley PA USA

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