Re. Obama & His Making Stuff Up Remarks — What About The Birth Certificate?

Obama Decries “People Making Stuff Up” — But What About The Birth Certificate? | by Sharon Rondeau | @

” . . .  In his remarks in South Africa Tuesday, Obama stated on the topic of climate change, “You have to believe in facts. Without facts there’s no basis for cooperation. If I say this is a podium and you say this is an elephant, it’s going to be hard for us to cooperate.”

He continued:

People just make stuff up. They just make stuff up. We see it in the growth of state sponsored propaganda. We see it in internet fabrications. We see it in the blurring of lines between news and entertainment. We see the utter loss of shame among political leaders where they’re caught in a lie and they just double down and they lie some more. It used to be that if you caught them lying, they’d be like, oh man — now they just keep on lying.

Neither the media nor Obama himself has addressed the posting of an image said to be a replication of his “long-form” birth certificate from Hawaii which was found by a 5+ year criminal investigation to be a “computer-generated forgery.”

On many occasions, lead investigator Mike Zullo has raised questions, against the backdrop of his findings of forgery and fraud, as to Obama’s life narrative and “aliases.”  His Selective Service registration form was also found to be fraudulent.

No mainstream outlet has investigated independently Zullo’s findings.   . . . ”

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What about Obama’s ever changing early life narrative?

Greatest political fraud in U.S. history. Click on the image for the evidence about the fraud Obama – The Big Lie!

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Obama’s short-form and long-form birth documents are both forgeries. Click image.
Click on the Image for Details about Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate and Selective Service (Draft) Registration Form

Historical Note:  A key source of the intense pressure on Obama and his questionable ID documents from 2008 to 2011 which caused him to go further than the fake short-form birth certification document he exhorted beginning in June 2008,  and then in April 2011 trying another step, i.e., the release the fake long-form birth certificate, was the 2+ years of full-page ads running week after week from early 2009 to April 2011 and beyond in the Washington Times National Weekly Edition informing the primary and secondary readers of that publication about the questions re Obama’s questionable early life  and his ever morphing early life narrative and his use, according to various experts, of altered, forged, and stolen ID documents. See the archives here:

Obama the Enigma: Click on the image to learn more about Obama he does not want you to know.
Obama the Enigma: Click on the image to learn more about Obama he does not want you to know.

A warning from the past — some conspiracies are very real and are also large and well organized and in process for a long time. Such is the nature of far-left Marxist activities in the USA. The target of the seditious political conspiracy we are currently faced with is to destroy our U.S. Constitution, our Republic, our culture, and our military. Remember this quote from history: “We must now face the harsh truth that the objectives of communism [now called Democratic Socialists of America] are being steadily advanced because many of us do not recognize the means used to advance them. … The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst.” Quote by: J. Edgar Hoover former FBI director. Source: Elks Magazine (August 1956).

[Sheriff Mack Says: Obama ID Documents Are Fake!]

[Sheriff Arpaio Says: Congress Must Act!]

Download a “Sheriff’s Kit” evidence of Obama document fraud at:

Copy of AZ Chief Investigator Michael Zullo’s sworn affidavit attesting that Obama’s ID docs are forged:

Copy of Evidence that Obama’s Selective Service (Draft) Registration Card is forged:

CDR Charles Kerchner, P.E. (Retired)
Lehigh Valley PA USA

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