WAPO’s Lynne Sladky Probes Rubio’s Parents Social Security Numbers But Ignores Obama’s | @ BirtherReport.com

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WAPO’s Lynne Sladky Probes Rubio’s Parents Social Security Numbers But Ignores Obama’s | @ BirtherReport.com

The Social Security numbers for Rubio’s father and grandfather suggest that Mario Rubio received his Social Security number in Florida in 1956 and that Garcia received his in New York in 1956-57.” – WAPO’s Lynne Sladky

The mainstream media is having a heyday going after Senator Marco Rubio’s misstatements about the circumstances of when and why his parents emigrated from Cuba to the United States. They have gone so far as to dig up Rubio’s parents Social Security Numbers to bolster their position that Rubio embellished his family story for a long time for political gain.

Every outlet from the Washington Post to Fox News is reporting it.

Now there’s no problem with the media doing their job vetting politicians except for the fact they only seem to do it when the politician is a republican. For years now these same media outlets have ignored Obama’s many lies about his past and have yet to report that Obama is using a Social Security number reserved for applicants in the state of Connecticut [putative president Barack Obama never legally ever resided in CT]. If you read through the many articles published on Marco Rubio you will see most fail to mention what and who started this firestorm and also fail to address the bigger issue surrounding Rubio’s problem if he ever does decide to run for the presidency or vice presidency.  … More here.

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