How does Obama’s BC document stack up against genuine BC? Volunteer produces Kapiolani form from same time period as president’s | by Dr. Jerome Corsi | @

How does Obama’s [alleged birth certificate] document stack up against genuine BC [from Hawaii]? Volunteer produces Kapiolani BC form from same time period as president’s | by Dr. Jerome Corsi | @

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2. Also a new radio interview of Susan Daniels, Licensed Private Investigator in Ohio, about the Connecticut SSN used by Obama since 1986 that was never legally issued to Obama: Private Investigator Susan Daniels: Obama’s Connecticut Social Security Number

3. And a new interview with Al Hendershot, the Debt Collector in AL, regarding the real estate transaction fraud and tax fraud activities involving the Obama home property in Chicago IL:

Everyone on the Hill knows the Obama birth certificate is fake and that he’s using a stolen Social Security Number (SSN) from a deceased Connecticut resident but no one in Congress has the courage to say the Emperor has no clothing on.  We have a criminal fraud and forger in the White House and no one has the courage in DC uphold the rule of law.

CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)

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