Yes Virginia … There is a Usurper in the White House! Plus: Obama Long Form Birth Certificate is a Forgery! See New Ads Published in This Week’s Issue of the Washington Times National Weekly Edition on Pgs 5 & 9


A new-born infant named Virginia Sunahara who only lived one day  was born in Hawaii on 4 Aug 1961, the same day that Obama was allegedly born in Hawaii. This child’s birth registration record may be connected to Obama’s fraudulent nativity story … or as I call this interesting new discovery — Yes Virginia … there is a Usurper in the White House!  Read more here.

Virginia Sunahara Gravestone Rendering
Click Image to See Picture Actual Grave Marker

Two New Wash Times Ads:  Obama Long Form Birth Certificate is a Forgery!  Obama Draft Registration Forged and Back Dated!  Obama Using a Stolen SSN!   When Will the Congress and FBI Investigate?   See the Three Enablers of The Cone of Silence about This Usurpation and Document Fraud! Pages 5 & 9. See New Ads Below. Click on Ads for Larger, High Resolution Viewing or to Download.

CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)

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