Broadcaster & Huffington Post Writer Takes Swipe At Birther Report Website During Tongue-in-Cheek Apology Letter

Lefty Broadcaster & Huffington Post Writer Brian Joyce via His Tongue-in-Cheek Apology Letter Takes a Snide Swipe At Constitutionalist’s Writing at the Birther Report Website Who Are Questioning Obama’s Falsified Early Life Narrative and Forged ID Docs

Greatest political fraud in U.S. history. Click on the image for the evidence about the fraud Obama – The Big Lie!
Greatest political fraud in U.S. history. Click on the image for evidence about fraud Obama – The Big Lie! Obama: Liar in Chief

An excerpt from lefty Joyce’s open letter:  ” … So again, on behalf of the media, please accept my apology. Some of us aren’t that bright, some of us are crazy, and some of us are downright delusional. Still, that’s no excuse for dumping our issues on you. We owe you more, and we should probably make a better effort to report on facts, rather than run with assumptions and half-truths. We should probably make a better effort to understand policy, before we attempt to comment on it. And we should probably also admit, once and for all, that the President was born in America. But don’t hold your breath.  … “   Mr. Joyce mentions truth in his Saul Alinsky style ridicule and propaganda letter.  As to the real truth of why a congressional hearing and investigation is needed to learn the true ID of Obama, see it here Mr. Joyce.  Read more of the  “apology” letter (and the snide swipe at constitutionalists who dare to openly question the Liar-in-Chief’s clearly falsified early life narrative and forged ID docs) and comment here:



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Click on image for details
Click on Image for Details about Obama’s Forged Draft Registration Card.
Click on the Image for Details about Obama's Forged Birth Certificate and Selective Service (Draft) Registration Form
Click on the Image for Details about Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate.

Download a “Sheriff’s Kit” package of evidence of Obama ID document fraud: and/or

Copy of AZ Chief Investigator Michael Zullo’s sworn affidavit attesting that Obama’s ID docs are forged:

Copy of Evidence that Obama’s Selective Service (Draft) Registration Card is forged:

Maricopa County AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse Investigative Reports into Obama’s Forged ID Docs:

[Sheriff Mack – Obama ID Documents Are Fake!]

[Sheriff Arpaio – Congress Must Act!]

Obama the Enigma: Click on the image to learn more about Obama he does not want you to know.
Obama the Enigma: Click on the image to learn more about Obama he does not want you to know.

A warning from the past — some conspiracies are very real and are also large and well organized and in process for a long time. Such is the nature of Communist activities in the USA. The target of the seditious political conspiracy we are currently faced with is to destroy our U.S. Constitution, our Republic, our culture, and our military. Remember this quote from history: “We must now face the harsh truth that the objectives of communism are being steadily advanced because many of us do not recognize the means used to advance them. … The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst.” Quote by: J. Edgar Hoover former FBI director. Source: Elks Magazine (August 1956).

Marxist/Communists are trained to lie. It’s their modus operandi to deceive their true objectives. Obama is not just a pathological liar, he’s an ideological liar:

Obama lies continually to cover his true nature and objectives. Obama named Liar of the Year. Obama is a secret member of Muslim Brotherhood. They are trained to lie and they using the Islamic principles of TAQIYYA and KITMAN on steroids to hide their anti-American activities.

CDR Charles Kerchner, P.E. (Retired)
Lehigh Valley PA USA

P.S. Also read this essay regarding the legal term of art “natural born Citizen” and basic logic, i.e., trees are plants but not all plants are trees. Natural born Citizens are a subset of “born Citizens (citizens at birth)” but not all “born Citizens (citizens at birth)” are “natural born Citizens”: … AND … Also watch this video by the renowned constitutional scholar Dr. Herb Titus — Part I: and Part II: