An Excellent New Book: The Rubbish Hauler’s Wife versus Barack Obama

An Excellent New Book: The Rubbish Hauler’s Wife versus Barack Obama
by: Susan Daniels – Licensed Private Investigator

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Description per Amazon Listing – My Personal Book Review Further Down:


The Rubbish Hauler’s Wife versus Barack Obama is the true story of Susan Daniels, an ordinary housewife from smalltown Ohio. Beginning in 2009, she felt her country was being destroyed by the Left from within. She decided to single-handedly take on the President of the United States, Barack Obama, by attempting to remove him from the state of Ohio presidential ballot in 2012.

Daniels sets the stage for his drama by recounting her life story which began as an uphill battle, from an unimaginable childhood to the murder of her husband, a rubbish hauler, by a Cleveland gangster named Danny Greene. She found herself widowed at the age of thirty with seven small children, the oldest was ten. Upon her husband’s death, the secret she had kept of his second family was splashed all over the news media, stunning friends, family and, most of all, her own children. Daniels was left with a high school education, little hope and no money.

Daniels had to rely on her own resources to raise her family and move on, later becoming a private investigator at age fifty-three. In doing so, she stumbled upon Barack Obama’s biggest secret – though allegedly born in Hawaii, he had been using a stolen social security number issued in Connecticut for his entire adult life!

Daniels filed a lawsuit against Barack Obama’s Ohio candidacy in 2012, with the goal of forcing him to reveal his true origins and identity. She tried to enlist the aid of high ranking Republicans, none of whom would acknowledge what she was doing. That’s how Daniels learned early on that the fix was in with the Uni-party in Washington DC. Now at the age of eighty-one, Daniels shares her amazing journey from personal heartache to challenging the highest levels of power in the United States government.

You can order the book via this link:

My Review of the Book – CDR Charles F. Kerchner, Jr. (Retired):

A excellent easy to read book that reveals how this country got into the mess it is now in via letting a constitutionally ineligible person, a person who is not a “natural born Citizen of the United States, and one with a questionable and ever changing early life narrative to suit his at that time immediate personal life and/or political agenda, gain access to the highest political office in our nation.

Barack Hussein Obama II was born with foreign influence and dual citizenship and divided loyalties to more than one country at birth and thus was not a “natural born Citizen” of the United States. A “natural born Citizen” is a person born with unity of citizenship and sole allegiance at birth to one and only country, i.e., the USA. He was not constitutionally eligible for the office to which he gained control.

Learn about crimes Obama committed during his lifetime such as the use by Obama of a SSN stolen from a person born in CT, a state he did not live in when it was issued and one he never lived in. Learn about his use of a forged and back dated draft registration card. Learn about the lack of veracity of his key identity alleged birth documents.

By the powers-to-be ignoring the signs of identity fraud and criminal activity in the early life of Obama and allowing Obama to gain access to highest most powerful office in our nation, that of President and Commander in Chief of our military, Obama then was able to appoint and infiltrate many subversive people with very bad plans for America’s future deeply into the Washington DC “deep state” to further divide and undermine our constitutional republic. Obama promised to forever change America. And as of now he has – but not for the better.

This is a must read book to learn about the various actors and players in the early life grooming of Obama and the foreign money and influencers helping Obama gain the stepping stones and power he needed to eventually implement the “Dreams” from his anti-American, on-U.S. Citizen, non-immigrant to the USA father – Barack Hussein Obama Sr. Obama Sr hated America.

Those “dreams” from the father and visions were written about in Obama Jr/II’s book “Dreams From My Father”. Obama Jr/II adopted those dreams as his own but kept them hidden politically for the most part with the major help of an enabling mainstream media. The father’s “dreams” and the son’s plans and actions wanted to forever change America. But not in way good for America’s constitutional republic and future. They wanted to bring down America’s economic, political, and military power on the world stage. And at this point in time, they have succeeded in many respects.

Again, this book is a must read book to learn about how the enigma inside of a mystery of Obama, who as seen in this book was a grifter, imposter, and country of birth chameleon in his early life, was allowed to gain access to the highest political office in our country and the consequences of that happening. CDR Kerchner (Ret) – Author: “Natural Born Citizen”

I highly recommend that you read this book. You can order the book via this link:

CDR Charles Kerchner, P.E. (Retired)

Other suggested reading and viewing on being a “natural born Citizen” of the United States:

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11. Read online or download and save dozens of historical papers and articles written over time, some over 200 years ago, describing what a “natural born Citizen” of the United States is to constitutional standards:


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