New Book: Zelenko (1973-2022) – How To Decapitate The Serpent

NEW Book: Zelenko (1973-2022) – How To Decapitate The Serpent

I just finished reading Dr. VladimirZev” Zelenko’s newest and last book: Zelenko (1973-2022) – How To Decapitate The Serpent. For anyone who has lived through the last three years of the Wuhan China Virus (aka CoVID-19) pandemic crisis and the tyranny imposed upon us during that time frame by evil men, big pharma, big tech, big media, one world government advocates (WEF), and our government, this book is highly recommended reading.

The book presents the story of how one very smart, experienced, and brave man, … a practicing front-line medical doctor in upstate New York, early on in treating his patients found an early, effective treatment protocol (now known as the Zelenko Protocol) that if implemented early (in the first four-five days) of being afflicted and showing symptoms of the Wuhan Virus, demonstrated that his treatment protocol that he started using with 100’s of his patients dramatically worked.

But was he and his work praised, supported, brought forward, and elevated by the establishment medical profession? No! Instead he was vilified, marginalized, and demonized for suggesting that prompt and early treatment with a combination of Zinc (the virus replication defeating “bullet”), Hydroxychloroquine HCQ (the “bullet” delivering metaphoric ionophore gun to get the Zinc efficiently into the cells), and Azithromycin (to help defeat any other opportunistic respiratory infections) would have stopped the man-made, engineered Wuhan Virus in its tracks. Early treatment would have prevented the devastating pandemic from killing hundreds of thousands of people and the economic disaster the shut down of our economy caused.

Instead, the evil people, big-money, and one world government forces arrayed against him and his treatment protocol did everything they could to try and stop him and prevent him and other doctors from using the protocol and subverted our medical system to prevent people from even obtaining HCQ.

He discusses in his book both his public battle and his behind the scenes battle to overcome the evil array of big pharma, big government, big media, big tech, and evil people trying to silence him, and why they were – all the while battling with terminal cancer himself.

Dr. Zelenko particularly focuses on such actors in the opposition to his early treatment protocol such as the duplicitous Dr. Fauci, Dr. Baric, and others who he explains deliberately mislead people to coverup their involvement in the “gain of function” viral experimentation and research being done in China with U.S. funding assistance steered to China by those actors.

He also explains in the book, that legally if there was an early, effective treatment protocol readily available for this new virus then big pharma could not get emergency authorization approval for use of the never previously used mRNA “vaccine”. Thus, the “Zelenko Protocol” had to be squashed, vilified, and not used.

He further explains how these actors then redefined the meaning of the word “vaccine”, after the new “vaccine” did not work as promised. It did not prevent one from getting the virus or spreading the virus as one expects with a vaccine, and was promised by the developers. In fact he shows in his book how this new type mRNA “vaccine” actually did more harm than good in many people, especially in it being given to teenagers and young children.

Dr. Zelenko is a true and fearless profile in courage and an example to others as to how to stand up to the evil forces in the world. Read this book and see how and why. He will be missed.

CDR Charles Kerchner, P.E. (Retired)


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  1. Commander…. 1st, I love reading the TRUTH in your letters/emails. 2nd, I STILL cant believe how the Art.2, Sec.1, Cls 5..NATURAL BORN CITIZENSHIP requirement in our Constitution is overlooked/IGNORED…by DEMONCRATS & Republican RINOS quite a few YEARS after OBUMA scammed the country, but in light of the last STEAL, its no surprize !! Anything being done to bring this serious issue to the forefront? TRUTH & JUSTICE SHALL PREVAIL…NEVER GIVE UP !! Joseph Murratti R.P.B., Florida

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