“The Obama Fraud”: Why Neither Republicans nor Democrats Want Trump

“The Obama Fraud”: Why Neither Republicans nor Democrats Want Trump | by Bob68 | @ ThePostEmail.com:


(Nov. 12, 2022) — The Republican Party never really supported Trump. The Democrats and most Republicans who are part of the U.S. government in DC want DeSantis as the 2024 Republican candidate for the same reason they have always wanted anybody but Trump. Here is why in five easy questions:

1. Which candidate said to the world that he did not believe Obama is eligible to be president?

2. Which candidate as a private citizen offered Obama $5 million to Obama’s favorite charity to show his college transcripts and passport records?  Obama refused and the charity got nothing.

3. Which candidate was called a “birther” repeatedly by the media and others?

4. Which candidate was and is friends with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, invited him to be a guest speaker at his campaign rallies and as president pardoned him?

5. Which candidate said he had sent his own investigators to Hawaii to probe Obama’s claims of being born there and “You won’t believe what they found”?

During Trump’s term as president, Mike Zullo, formerly of Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse, said that “very, very high, high, high-level White House officials have had a cursory briefing of the information that we garnered about the certificate.” It was mentioned that revealing the truth about Obama might not happen until President Trump’s second term. Might this be part of why there is panic from both parties to ensure there is no second term for President Trump?

All of those questions have the same answer: Donald Trump, yet no one in our government, the so-called mainstream media, and unfortunately even most of the conservative media will connect the truths above to why both parties never wanted Trump to be president and why they panicked when the promised-in-2008-after-Obama “cover” president, Hillary Clinton, lost to Donald Trump. Both parties kept President Trump busy with investigations, made-up evidence of Russian collusion, and futile impeachment attempts. When they failed to remove President Trump prior to the 2020 election they stole the election with massive fraud and installed Obama’s vice president, Joe Biden, as an emergency fill-in for the planned-after- Obama cover President, Hillary Clinton. Continue reading at: https://www.thepostemail.com/2022/11/12/the-obama-fraud-why-neither-republicans-nor-democrats-want-trump/

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I Believe the Fix was in for the 2008 Election Cycle by All Three Political Parties: http://citizenwells.net/charles-f-kerchner-kerchner-v-obama-congress-attorney-mario-apuzzo-2008-election-fixed-coverup-still-going-strong-dnc-coverup-rnc-complicit-obama-eligibility-issue-shut-down-in-msm/

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