Collin Powell, You are Not Telling the Truth | by Sharon Rondeau

Collin Powell, You are Not Telling the Truth | by Sharon Rondeau | @


by Sharon Rondeau

(Jun. 7, 2020) — Dear Gen. Powell:

On Sunday morning, much was made of your revelation that you will not be voting for Donald Trump in November.  That does not come as a surprise since you voted for the “transformational figure” known as “Barack Hussein Obama,” a Democrat, twice, and were at odds on occasion with President George W. Bush, the Republican president under whom you served as secretary of state.

Predictably, as if in lockstep, the media rewarded you for toeing the line against a president it despises, punctuating a week in which your former military colleagues pummeled him in what appears to be an orchestrated undertaking to limit his tenure in the Oval Office to one term.

Was “Obama” adequately “transformational” for you?  During his eight years in office, we saw economic devastation during what would become a ten-year recession; the closure of auto dealerships at a whim, contributing to growing unemployment; socialized medicine forced upon us in which the promise that we could “keep our doctor” was proven false; the downing of Extortion 17 in the largest Navy SEAL Team Six loss in U.S. history; numerous domestic terror attacks amid the denial that radical Islamic ideology was the cause; the Justice Department spying on journalists and the CIA spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee; the NSA spying on Congress and Israeli leaders; the needless loss of four American lives in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012; $400 million in cash, followed by another $1.3 billion, sent in the dead of night to the Iranian mullahs without congressional approval or even knowledge; a decimated military; rising racial tensions and deteriorating police-community relations; and a demoralized populace.

When you told Jake Tapper that you took umbrage with Trump’s “insulting” of the late Sen. John McCain, did you consider McCain’s role in circulating the now-infamous Steele dossier which led to the 2+-year Russia “collusion” investigation targeting Trump and his 2016 campaign aides?  You know, or should know:  the FBI’s bogus “collusion” allegations followed by a $40 million “Special Counsel” probe which tore apart the nation, ruined lives and careers, and sent people to prison as collateral damage?  Would it not have been grating to you, as president, that McCain, another Republican for whom you did not vote, cast the deciding vote to prevent the “Obamacare” repeal that Trump and Senate Republicans sought?

Your opening words to Tapper, “We have a Constitution,” ring hollow, as your obvious modus operandi was to join the chorus of retired “Deep State” generals to influence public opinion in favor of a big-government, now-confused, incoherent woman- and child-groping plagiarist who reportedly knew about the ill-conceived “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation in which FBI agents and DOJ officials attempted to sabotage a presidential election and administration.  …   continue reading at:

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CDR Charles Kerchner, P.E. (Retired)

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