What Other Big Story Did the Mainstream Media Squelch? | by Sharon Rondeau

What Other Big Story Did the Mainstream Media Squelch? | by Sharon Rondeau | @ ThePostEmail.com


by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 6, 2019) — On Tuesday, Project Veritas (PV), founded by James O’Keefe, released an explosive report demonstrating that executives at ABC News declined to air additional evidence pointing to the late Jeffrey Epstein’s abuse of young girls and women over a number of years as described by “Good Morning America” anchor Amy Robach on a “hot mic” and video.

The footage was reportedly recorded in late August and leaked to PV by an ABC News “insider.” O’Keefe and his organization have encouraged members of large tech companies, mainstream media outlets, and other public and private groups to “Be Brave” by coming forward with evidence of bias, corruption and abuse within their respective environments.

“I tried for three years to get it on to no avail,” Robach is seen stating in her “hot-mic” remarks about the Epstein story she researched in 2016 in the wake of Epstein’s death in federal prison on August 10.  “And now it’s all coming out and it’s like these new revelations…” She added that “Other women [were] backing it up” and “There will come a day when we will realize Jeffrey Epstein was the most prolific pedophile this country has ever known.”

Epstein was found deceased at the Manhattan Correctional Facility after his early July arrest on allegations of federal sex-trafficking.  After what was alleged to have been an initial suicide attempt later in July, his death was pronounced a suicide by federal investigators.

Last week, well-known forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden told Fox & Friends that he was asked by Epstein’s brother to attend the autopsy and as a result, determined independently that Epstein’s injuries were more consistent with a homicide rather than a suicide.

Between 2008 and 2009, Epstein served an unusually light 13-month sentence in Palm Beach County on a plea deal on two counts of “felony solicitation of prostitution and procuring a minor for prostitution” brought by the State of Florida, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported.

His state prosecution resulted in federal prosecutors abandoning their potential case against him, the paper additionally wrote.

It has long been asserted that former President Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s infamous private jet, the “Lolita Express,” more than two dozen times.  In her remarks on the hot mic, Robach said that “It was unbelievable… we had – Clinton, we had everything…”

After PV’s report was issued Tuesday, ABC News and Robach quickly offered responsive statements, O’Keefe reported, stating that three years ago, the story did not meet the station’s “editorial standards.”

In her statement, Robach asserted, “I was upset that an important interview I had conducted with (claimed Epstein victim) Virginia Roberts didn’t air because we could not obtain sufficient corroborating evidence to meet ABC’s editorial standards about her allegations…”

In 2016, and dating back five years before that, major media swept aside another even more explosive story implicating an unknown number of individuals who knowingly concocted and presented a “computer-generated forgery” to the American people as representative of Barack Hussein Obama’s “long-form” birth certificate.

The image, uploaded to the White House website on April 27, 2011, was almost immediately declared a forgery by several graphics experts largely ignored by the mainstream media and, in one case, contorted with a failure to correct.   …  continue reading at:  https://www.thepostemail.com/2019/11/06/what-other-big-story-did-the-mainstream-media-squelch/

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CDR Charles Kerchner, P.E. (Retired)

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