A Victory for Free Speech: State of NH v William Baer – Case Dismissed

For more click on the image for the correct definition of "natural born Citizen of the United States" -- CDR Kerchner (Ret)A Victory for Free Speech:  State of NH v William Baer – Case Dismissed – William Baer Press Release 19 Dec 2014 With Court Order Attached

Since my arrest this past May, my life and the lives of my family have been in disarray. After 7-1/2 months of being pursued by the State of New Hampshire, through the Gilford Police Department and School Board, I am obviously pleased that all charges have been dismissed. Belknap County Judge James Carroll showed me there still is some justice in our system.

Make no mistake, these three criminal charges against me were not “dropped” by Gilford Police Chief Bean-Burpee and his prosecutor Sergeant Eric Bredbury, they were dismissed by a New Hampshire Circuit Court Judge after a full hearing. In spite of having months to review the law and the facts, the Prosecutor refused to drop the charges or even propose a plea, but rather continued to seek a conviction to justify the State’s violation of my First Amendment right of free speech, and my unlawful arrest. I was fortunate enough to be experienced in the legal system, … ”  Continue reading at:  https://www.scribd.com/doc/250573906/State-of-NH-v-William-Baer-Case-Dismissed-William-Baer-Press-Release-19-Dec-2014-With-Court-Order-Attached
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CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)
Lehigh Valley PA USA

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