CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret) Invited to Tea Party Patriots Event on 3 Dec 2014 — His Response

For more click on the image for the correct definition of "natural born Citizen of the United States" -- CDR Kerchner (Ret)
Click on the image for more information about Obama’s crimes, fraud, and long con – CDR Kerchner (Ret)

CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret) Invited to Tea Party Patriots Event on 3 Dec 2014 — His Response

From Tea Party Patriots dated 21 Nov 2014:

“Dear Charles,

Last night on Hannity, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann called for people to rally in Washington, DC, on Wednesday, December 3, 2014 at high noon. Her call was sparked after the President announced his plans to the nation for executive amnesty.

Please complete this brief survey to let us know if you will be there.

Before we expend resources, we need to know what you want to do and how many people we can expect to show up.

Let us know if you will come to DC on 12/3.

Time is of the essence. If we are going to pull this off we need to know quickly what to expect from patriots around the country.

Please complete this brief survey.

In Liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin & Tea Party Patriots National Support Team”

My response:

Dear Ms. Martin:

I will … IF …  Mr. Sean Hannity and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and other leading people attending will openly, publicly, and loudly speak out thereat (during the event from the main podium) and address the multiple forged Obama ID documents (such as his forged and back dated draft registration card) and that they also will speak out about Obama’s lack of constitutional eligibility of Obama to be the President and Commander in Chief of our military … and call for a public Congressional investigation of same.

See my website:

Read about Obama’s forged draft registration card here:

Also invite AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his investigative team to publicly speak at the event about Obama’s forged identity documents.

We need to go directly at the fraudulent identity of Obama and not just his increasingly unconstitutional policies and acts.  Obama’s “Achilles Heel” is his past and present continuing use of forged ID documents and stolen social security numbers along the way in his early life and his rise to power before he sought to run for President.   The hue and cry should simply be that a public Congressional investigation be launched into investigating the charges brought by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of AZ and other experts that Obama’s key identity documents are forged and/or backdated.

Felony crimes have been committed to put Obama where he is.  We stop Obama by a public Congressional investigation into the charges against him as to his true legal identity since birth and up until he decided to run for President.   Publicly investigate and find out who forged the key Obama ID documents and why and Obama’s house of cards will collapse around him in the process.


CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)
Lehigh Valley PA USA

 # # # #

Click on image for details
Click on Image for Details about Obama’s Forged Draft Registration Card.
Click on the Image for Details about Obama's Forged Birth Certificate and Selective Service (Draft) Registration Form
Click on the Image for Details about Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate.

Download a “Sheriff’s Kit” package of evidence of Obama ID document fraud: and/or

Copy of AZ Chief Investigator Michael Zullo’s sworn affidavit attesting that Obama’s ID docs are forged:

Copy of Evidence that Obama’s Selective Service (Draft) Registration Card is forged:

Maricopa County AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse Investigative Reports into Obama’s Forged ID Docs:

[Sheriff Mack – Obama ID Documents Are Fake!]

[Sheriff Arpaio – Congress Must Act!]

Obama the Enigma: Click on the image to learn more about Obama he does not want you to know.
Obama the Enigma: Click on the image to learn more about Obama he does not want you to know.

A warning from the past — some conspiracies are very real and are also large and well organized and in process for a long time. Such is the nature of Communist activities in the USA. The target of the seditious political conspiracy we are currently faced with is to destroy our U.S. Constitution, our Republic, our culture, and our military. Remember this quote from history: “We must now face the harsh truth that the objectives of communism are being steadily advanced because many of us do not recognize the means used to advance them. … The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst.” Quote by: J. Edgar Hoover former FBI director. Source: Elks Magazine (August 1956).

Marxist/Communists are trained to lie. It’s their modus operandi to deceive their true objectives. Obama is not just a pathological liar, he’s an ideological liar:

Obama lies continually to cover his true nature and objectives. Obama named Liar of the Year. Obama is a secret member of Muslim Brotherhood. They are trained to lie and they using the Islamic principles of TAQIYYA and KITMAN on steroids to hide their anti-American activities.

CDR Charles Kerchner, P.E. (Retired)
Lehigh Valley PA USA

P.S. Also read this essay regarding the legal term of art “natural born Citizen” and basic logic, i.e., trees are plants but not all plants are trees. Natural born Citizens are a subset of “born Citizens (citizens at birth)” but not all “born Citizens (citizens at birth)” are “natural born Citizens”: … AND … Also watch this video by the renowned constitutional scholar Dr. Herb Titus — Part I:  and Part II:

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  1. Good on you for sticking to your guns on this matter, CDR Kerchner.

    This is, indeed, his “Achilles Heel,” which will ultimately bring him down. As long as Patriots like you continue to put the word out there, with the facts.

    Don’t let them co-opt you. Make them rise to the occasion. Sooner. Or later.

    Although, obviously, there is not much time left, to do it in.

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