C-SPAN: Bob Unloads about 5-Year Media Blackout; Obama Not Eligible To Be President

C-SPAN:  Bob Unloads about 5-Year Media Blackout; Obama Not Eligible To Be President

Read and watch it here:  http://www.birtherreport.com/2014/04/c-span-bob-unloads-5-year-media.html

Download a “Sheriff’s Kit” evidence of Obama document fraud package at: http://www.wheresobamasbirthcertificate.com

CDR Charles Kerchner, P.E. (Retired)
Lehigh Valley PA USA

P.S. Also read this essay regarding the legal term of art “natural born Citizen” and basic logic, i.e., trees are plants but not all plants are trees. Natural born Citizens are a subset of “born Citizens (citizens at birth)” but not all “born Citizens (citizens at birth)” are “natural born Citizens”: https://cdrkerchner.wordpress.com/2012/06/20/of-natural-born-citizens-and-citizens-at-birth-and-basic-logic-trees-are-plants-but-not-all-plants-are-trees-natural-born-citizens-nbc-are-citizens-at-birth-cab-but-not-all-cab/ … AND … http://www.art2superpac.com/issues.html Also watch this video by the renowned constitutional scholar Dr. Herb Titus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esiZZ-1R7e8



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  1. I saw this comment on C-Span (Washington Journal) as it happened. I watch this 3 hour show every day. This moderator Steve Scully is a fair and intelligent fella. He lets callers have their say unlike their other moderators who tend to cut off a caller immediately if a non-PC word or subject is breached. Judge Jeanine on FOX is also getting very savvy and discussing subjects that FOX wouldn’t touch a few months ago.
    There is hope. Pray and keep the heat on your Congressman. To me Obama is looking very disturbed and worried lately.

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