Canadian Teen Arrested For Threatening To Chop Off Sheriff Arpaio’s Genitals

Canadian Teen Arrested For Threatening To Chop Off Sheriff Arpaio’s Genitals – News Media Makes No Mention of the Various Bodily Harm Threats Against Sheriff Arpaio and the Connection to His Continuing Criminal Investigation of Obama Forged ID Documents

“A Canadian teen was arrested for threatening to kill Sheriff Joe Arpaio [of AZ] for a fourth time. CBS Las Vegas turns it into a against Sheriff Arpaio. Too cowardly to even mention the Obama ID Fraud investigation …”  continued reading here:

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CDR Charles Kerchner, P.E. (Retired)
Lehigh Valley PA USA

P.S. Also read this essay regarding the legal term of art “natural born Citizen” and basic logic, i.e., trees are plants but not all plants are trees. Natural born Citizens are a subset of “born Citizens (citizens at birth)” but not all “born Citizens (citizens at birth)” are “natural born Citizens”: … AND …

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