4 thoughts on “Bio info for 1991 brochure submitted by new author Obama himself – stated he was born in Kenya”

  1. If the Obama forgeries is not brought out in a big enough way to allow a quick arrest of Obama, the bank runs spreading from Greese through Europe and U. S. and/or a counter-attack from Iran – after the Israel attack on Iran – shuttng down the U. S. grid and a bio attack, then an Obama declared martial law would protect Obama for the next 40 years of his Americas rule, and countles opposition deaths. It’s that serious and can happen by Aug. 2012. To help this sink in, realize that unlike any previous President, Obama can, under these conditions, raise millions of men, totally loyal to him alone, in the inner-cities in 48 hours by offering vaccine, guns, $15.00/hr, housing food, and .40 mm ammunition. He can do this using trucks, bull – horns, (as all power is off) and his newly trained medical personnel . With no communications no one will know untill his new and beloved civilian security force arrives in your suburb neighboorhood with an offer of food, warter and vaccine (a Baxter special his eugenist crow about) or alternately a quaranteen camp. Good luck with that hope and change.

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