Immigration records missing for week of Obama’s alleged birth

Immigration records missing for week of Obama’s alleged birth.

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Question and comment:  Have the copies made of the microfilms by NARA been scrubbed to remove the data for the week of interest because it shows that Stanley Ann (nee Dunham) Obama entered the USA from abroad with a newborn baby in tow?  Is our government in total cover-up mode to hide the facts and the truth from the American people about Obama’s birth narrative fraud, criminal document forgery, and identity scam under the guise of protecting us from a constitutional crisis … when in fact such cover-up actions are making things far, far worse by corrupting every institution in our system of government and destroying the rule of law and our constitution?  Is our own government now totally operating to keep We the People in the dark and from the truth.  We can survive anything if we follow the rule of law and the constitution.  But if we lose the rule of law and our constitution our nation is doomed and will fall apart.  So if our government leaders are trying to “protect us” from the truth in an effort to “save us” from threatened violence from some anarchist and Marxist groups if the illegal Obama is removed, they are in the end going to make it far worse and destroy the nation.  In truth they are not trying to “save us” from the truth but are trying to save themselves because of what they have done.  They are really only trying to somehow save themselves from the wrath of the American people which will fall on all of them when We the People by the millions find out about the cover-up that has been perpetrated on the American electorate over the last four years by the major media and our government. The truth is going to come out.  It always does.  It is only a matter of how long and when and how much damage has been done to the USA by then by those in high office who think they know better and are trying to “protect us”.

I and others have suggested that the alleged date of birth reported for Obama of 4 Aug 1961 is really the date or near the date he returned to the USA as a foreign-born new-born in his mom’s arms and that is the date his maternal grandmother prepared a false affidavit and registered him in the Hawaii Health Department System as born at home with no witnesses base on a falsified affidavit by grandma, as was allowed per HI law in 1961.   The registration of the birth, even if based on the falsified affidavit, is what triggered the two newspaper announcements which were placed by the HI Dept of Health.  If true that Obama was born outside the USA, that would explain the need to hide the immigration records for that week as they would show their arrival and return from outside the USA.

A Suggested Narrative – How Obama is physically Born in Kenya but still Obtains Hawaiian Birth Registration Record:

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Obama birth certificate on White House servers is forged. Sheriff Joe Arpaio of AZ Written Report:

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s report and request for investigation to the Director of the Selective Service System to investigate the likely forged and back dated draft registration card for Obama:

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