A Blast from the Past Regarding Administrative Judge Malihi and a former Sec of State of GA

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A Blast from the Past Regarding Administrative Judge Malihi and a former Sec of State of GA

The ruling of Administrative Judge Malihi in GA was error ridden and atrocious!  The defendant, the CANDIDATE Obama … nor even his lawyer … bothered to even appear in court, ignored a court subpoena, told the court and the Secretary of State of GA they were not going to participate in the GA courts as to whether they will be on the ballot or not, and yet the Judge ruled in the defendant’s favor.  Is GA a banana republic state where its courts can be totally ignored by a subpoenaed defendant and they still win the case.  A total miscarriage of justice and failure of the rule of law.  Rulings by the administrative Judge Malihi have been overruled in the past by the Secretary of State.  Here is one example:  http://sos.georgia.gov/pressrel/pr000607.htm  The current ruling by Judge Malihi in favor of the scoff-law candidate Obama should be overruled by the current Secretary of State too and Obama should not be placed on the GA ballot.   He slipped through the cracks unnoticed as to his eligibility flaws in the 2008 primary process.  He cannot be allowed to slip through the cracks again in the 2012 primary election process. The constitutionally ineligible CANDIDATE Obama is under the rule of law like everyone else and should be punished for his arrogant behavior to the sovereign state of GA, in essence flipping the bird to the state of GA.   Keep Obama off the GA ballot.   He defaulted by not showing up for that court hearing.  He is not a dictator … yet.

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Barack Obama is NOT a “natural born Citizen of the United States” and is thus constitutionally ineligible to be the President and Commander in Chief of our military. Obama was born to a FOREIGN NATIONAL FATHER who was NEVER a U.S. Citizen nor was Obama’s father even an immigrant to the USA or even a permanent resident in the USA.  For no other U.S. President in the history of the nation since the founding generation (who were exempt from the natural born Citizen clause in the U.S.  Constitution via a grandfather clause in Article II Section 1) was that the case, i.e., having a foreign national father who was never a U.S. Citizen or even an immigrant to this country. Obama being seated as the putative president is an outrageous violation of Article II Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution, the presidential eligibility clause.  Obama was not born with sole allegiance to the USA. Sole allegiance and unity of Citizenship at birth was the goal and purpose for putting the natural born Citizen clause into Article II Section 1 of the Constitution as to who could serve as president once the founding generation has passed away.  Obama (II) was born a British Subject via his foreign national father Obama (Sr.) who was a British Subject.   Obama is not a “natural born Citizen of the United States” to constitutional standards since he was born with dual allegiance and citizenship.  The founders and framers did not want anyone with foreign allegiance to ever get command of our military, i.e., be the president. Obama is constitutionally not eligible to be president and commander in chief of our military.

Adjectives mean something.  A “Citizen at Birth” is not logically identically equal to a “natural born Citizen at Birth”. Barack Obama may be a ‘Citizen of the United States’  but he is not a ‘natural born Citizen of the United States’ and does not meet the constitutional standards as to who can be the President and Commander in Chief of our military: http://puzo1.blogspot.com/2010/03/obama-maybe-citizen-of-united-states.html

The natural born Citizen clause in our Constitution is a national security clause inserted into our Constitution by John Jay and George Washington.  Read why the natural born Citizen clause is still important and worth protecting.

Five Citizenship Terms Mentioned in the U.S. Constitution: http://www.scribd.com/doc/11737124/Citizenship-Terms-Used-in-the-US-Constitution-The-5-Terms-Defined-Some-Legal-Reference-to-Same 

Of Trees and Plants and Basic Logic and Citizenship Types: http://www.scribd.com/doc/44814496/Of-Trees-and-Plants-and-Basic-Logic-Citizen-at-Birth-NOT-Identical-to-Natural-Born-Citizen

See evidence Obama forged the birth certificate posted on White House servers 27 Apr 2011: http://www.scribd.com/collections/3166684

See evidence Obama is using a SSN 042-68-4425 not legally issued to him: http://www.scribd.com/collections/3260742

See evidence of Obama’s forged and back dated draft registration here: http://www.debbieschlussel.com/4428/exclusive-did-next-commander-in-chief-falsify-selective-service-registration-never-actually-register-obamas-draft-registration-raises-serious-questions/

The Obama constitutional eligibility issue is not a fringe issue!  South Carolina Poll Results – A poll done by Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows that almost 2/3 of GOP voters want Obama’s constitutional eligibility and true legal identity investigated. This is not a fringe issue: http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.printable&pageId=340805

CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)
Lehigh Valley PA USA

“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation without knowing how it happened.” Ronald Reagan alerting us to Norman Thomas’ and the socialist/progressives’ long-term stealth agenda to transform the USA from a constitutional republic into a top-down, central controlled, socialist form of government


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  1. Love this site. So responsibly informative. A wonderful resource for those seeking the truth. Interesting that Kemp has overrule Malihi in the past. While I doubt he will do so again, we can at least hope that the expedited hearing before the GA Supreme Court goes forward quickly and successfully. What an amazing saga, and most are either dismissive or ignorant of this entire matter.

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