Joe Farah on Fox News: Rubio Ineligible for Vice-Presidency – Not a ‘Natural-Born Citizen’

Joe Farah on Fox News: Rubio Ineligible for Vice-Presidency – Not a ‘Natural-Born Citizen’

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See my 2:22 p.m. 22 May 2011 expose and breaking the news story and research report about Marco Rubio’s lack of natural born Citizenship status at this link:

Of Trees and Plants and Basic Logic and Citizenship Types:

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  1. Others with such issues [questions being asked] are:

    Editor’s comment: Schwarzenegger is definitely not eligible as his parents were not U.S. Citizens and he was born in a foreign country and immigrated to the USA and then naturalized. As to Mitt Romney, while Romney’s father George was born in Mexico, and was thus cannot be a “natural born Citizen”, i.e., born in the USA to two citizen parents, George Romney was a basic Citizen of the United States via George’s U.S. Citizen parents living in Mexico per U.S. “Jus Sanguinis” statutory laws going back to the founding of our nation. George Romney was a U.S. Citizen when his son Mitt Romney was born and so was Mitt’s mother a Citizen of the United States and thus Mitt Romney is a “natural born Citizen of the United States” when he was born in Detroit MI. That one’s father was born in a foreign country is not the critical issue. The critical issue is … were the parents both basic Citizens (statutory ‘Citizens by Birth’ or naturalized) by the time their children were born in the USA. See the full report here:

  2. I say good for Joe Farah at least he had the guts to bring up the issue and not be intimidated by the Fox News management . You have got to know the word has been put out by those owning the networks not to pursue this issue and if it is brought up change the subject . We no longer have a free press in America as we no longer have any true journalist . It’s all about show business and not about the three Ws= What , When and Where .

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