Tax fraud suspected in Obama [Rezko] land deal -‘my professional background causes me to be suspicious’ | by Jerome Corsi | @

Tax fraud suspected in Obama [Rezko] land deal -‘my professional background causes me to be suspicious’

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We have a criminal and grifter in the White House who has committed multiple felonies and no one in controlling legal authority is investigating.  Birth Certificate Fraud, SSN Fraud, Draft Registration Fraud, Real Estate Transaction Fraud — When will Congress launch a congressional inquiry into the criminal and impostor in the Oval Office?  When will our military leaders at the Joint Chiefs of Staff who are sworn by solemn oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic going to meet with Congress and demand that they launch a full and comprehensive congressional investigation of Obama’s true legal identity and Obama’s criminal activities before and after he usurped his way into the Oval Office?

In addition to the actions of the Debt Collector, will someone in Chicago IL stand up and file additional criminal complaints about this real estate transaction fraud and tax fraud?  Take this evidence and file charges.  Put the authorities on notice with a formal written criminal complaint.   Do it as soon as possible.  Call the Recorder of Deeds office or County Assessor’s Office or both in Chicago IL and ask them who to file the charges with and how to do it.  And when you get the name of the correct legal authority to file the criminal complaint with,  don’t make the complaint a simple verbal phone call complaint.  Go down to the appropriate legal authorities office and file the complaint in writing and get a copy for your records.  Also record the names of people you speak and meet with, their title, exact time and date, and what they tell you.

CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)

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