Cook County Assessor’s Office confirms Obama committed real estate and tax fraud in Rezko deal | @ ORYR

Cook County Assessor’s Office confirms Obama committed real estate and tax fraud in Rezko deal | @ ORYR

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We have a criminal and grifter in the White House who has committed multiple felonies and no one in controlling legal authority is investigating.  Birth Certificate Fraud, SSN Fraud, Draft Registration Fraud, Real Estate Transaction Fraud — When will Congress launch a congressional inquiry into the criminal and impostor in the Oval Office? 

Also, will someone in Chicago IL stand up and file a criminal complaint about this real estate transaction fraud and tax fraud?  Take this evidence and file charges.  Put the authorities on notice with a formal written criminal complaint.   Do it as soon as possible.  Call the Recorder of Deeds office or County Assessor’s Office or both in Chicago IL and ask them who to file the charges with and how to do it.  And when you get the name of the correct legal authority to file the criminal complaint with,  don’t make the complaint a simple verbal phone call complaint.  Go down to the appropriate legal authorities office and file the complaint in writing and get a copy for your records.  Also record the names of people you speak and meet with, their title, exact time and date, and what they tell you.

CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)

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  1. Hello O H: Since you have the facts and information, I would suggest and recommend that you file a criminal complaint to the appropriate authorities in Chicago IL to get something started and on the record as to charges being filed. That way if people institute revisionist history actions in the Recorder of Deeds office or elsewhere, they can be indicted for cover up activities if cover up actions are done. Even if no immediate action is taken by the authorities for political reasons, filing the charges is essential for possible future use if and when the political cover changes in regards to Obama and his house of cards come crumbling down. Please consider filing charges based on your investigation. I stood up and filed my lawsuit against Obama and Congress. More people need to stand up and sue or file criminal complaints and charges based on information in their possession and being in the appropriate jurisdiction and having the knowledge to do so. Please act on the facts you have. File charges in Chicago IL.

    CDR Kerchner (Ret)

    1. It does not cost anything to file a criminal complaint. Just take your evidence to the Chicago IL authorities and report a crime to them and file a criminal complaint. It is then up them to do something. Even if they don’t act on your criminal complaint you have placed in their system a marker as to when the legal authorities were told about the crimes you uncovered. Simply report the crime, give them your evidence, and file an official criminal complaint to the police … city or county … whoever has the controlling legal authority to investigate crimes in regards to real estate and tax fraud in Chicago IL. Make some calls and find out who to file the criminal complaint with and then file the charges. Call the Recorder of Deeds and simply ask them if one knows that real estate transaction and real estate tax fraud has been committed, who do you report the crime to and file a criminal complaint with. This does not cost any money. Just your time and willingness to stand up and put your name on the line charging Obama and cronies with crimes. I have. Others have. You now have the evidence. Your country is calling you to do this. I am asking you to do this. Don’t be afraid to do it. Do it. I and your fellow countrymen will be grateful. You will be laying down a marker point in time that anything done to cover things up after that point in time is a criminal cover up and interfering with a criminal investigation … further crimes. Once you file the charges, if you care to, you can also blog about it and/or report it to the appropriate Chicago IL newspapers and just maybe they would report it. Please do it. Make some calls. Find out who to file with. Then get it done.

      CDR Kerchner (Ret)

      1. Also when you do file the criminal complaint do it in writing and get a copy and receipt of the filing of the charges. Do not let anyone tell you … report it to this person … and that it is only done verbally … with the … we’ll check into it type answer. File it in writing and get a copy of the written complaint for your records. Start by calling the Recorder of Deeds office and ask them to whom one files an official criminal complaint of real estate transaction fraud and tax fraud. Then go down in person to that office with your evidence and file a written criminal complaint.

        CDR Kerchner (Ret)

  2. Isn’t Congressman Joe Walsh from Illinois? He seems “decent” and unafraid. Maybe he should go there where he could feel “secure”.

    1. Hello OH: It was great talking to you. You have done fantastic research work regarding Obama and cronies real estate transaction fraud and real estate tax fraud in Chicago. Looking forward to hearing more about the contacts you will be making next week. We will keep in touch.

      CDR Kerchner (Ret)

  3. Go to Facebook and become friends of Chalice at Patriot’s Heart. She has been doing investigation’s of voting fraud,etc. in Chicago. She would be of help.

    lucy in TN

    1. Lucy: I sent my post and an email about this to Chalice last week. I have not heard back from her if she’s going to file a complaint with the Chicago IL authorities. I hope she does. CDR Kerchner (Ret)

  4. I just emailed her about this and I will go to FB and tell her to help you or led you to the right person. Praying the LORD will direct your steps.


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