Obama’s ‘Dan-Rather-Gate’: Obama’s ‘Typed’ Long Form Birth Certificate is a Forgery! Presentation of Evidence: The American Typewriter – Analysis by Paul Irey – Type Face Expert

Obama’s ‘Dan-Rather-Gate’: Obama’s ‘Typed’ Long Form Birth Certificate is a Forgery!  Presentation of Evidence: The American Typewriter – Analysis by Paul Irey – Type Face Expert

The evidence against Obama’s long form birth certificate forgery is very similar to the evidence of the forged typed document that brought down Dan Rather.  Read the below linked report and learn why.

When will the major and main stream media investigate this forgery placed on government property servers at the White House on 27 April 2011? Is investigative journalism in the U.S. extinct at the hands of the Progressive/Socialist movement to change America forever?  Anyone, and especially journalists who understand type fonts and sizes, can easily see it is a cut and pasted Photo-Shopped forgery by doing a simple rudimentary 5-10x magnification closeup analysis of the ‘typed’ characters in that the document Obama presented to the public on 27 April 2011.  His long form birth certificate is a forgery as is most of Obama’s nativity story and early life narrative. 

While one can no longer get a decent high resolution copy online from the White House site, here is a higher resolution scanned copy of the Obama long form birth certificate made from the paper copy which were handed out to the press such as AP and initially posted online.  These higher resolution JPG file copies were initially posted online by AP and other major media but now they have been replaced in their original stories with lower resolution copies to make it more difficult for people to analyze the characters in the image.  Fortunately higher resolution copies were downloaded from various sites while available before Obama and his friends at AP and elsewhere in the press starting scrubbing the higher resolution JPG images and replacing them with lower resolution JPG images.

 If you wish to see the PDF file format version which has the layers, rotated and re-sized digital objects, and other digital anomalies found therein, which was found to be an assembled document and forgery per the analysis reports of various Adobe software and PDF file experts, and was not made via a scanner as the White House claimed, you can get a copy of that PDF file here.

The consensus opinion now is that the assembled and forged PDF file version of the Obama long form birth certificate was used to print out the so called “certified and sealed printed out copies” to which a phony Hawaiian raised seal was weakly applied by some operative in the White House such that it is barely visible in the images and then those print outs were used to make the xerox copies that were handed out to the press and from those said print outs the AP and press made the higher resolution scan that they originally used in their news stories on 27 April 2011.  Thus the PDF file is the “parent” document file from which the “children” paper documents and JPG images were subsequently made. I believe the “print outs” made from the PDF file are NOT the same paper copies as Obama’s lawyer picked up from Hawaii.  I believe that the trip to Hawaii was made to provide a manufactured pseudo chain of custody to justify the presentation of the forged paper docs and digital images to the press at the White House on 27 April 2011.  I do not believe what was shown to the world via the White House servers is what is in the original, sealed contemporaneous 1961 birth registration files in Hawaii.  I also believe Obama’s original 1961 birth registration record, likely filed by the grandmother as a falsified registration of an at home birth with no 3rd party independent witnesses, has been amended one or more times due to his adoption by Lolo Soetoro. There is a good possibility that Obama’s legal name of record in the birth registration system of Hawaii was changed to Soetoro when adopted by Lolo Soetoro and was never changed back and that this was not discovered by Obama until he decided to run for President. At that point the forged short form COLB became necessary and the rest is history.

The cover up of Obama’s crimes and constitutional ineligibility continues in the main stream press.

Why isn’t anyone in Congress, especially Speaker John Boehner, calling for a full and thorough congressional investigation and forensic analysis of Obama’s documents and true legal identity?  Does Congress and Speaker Boehner care at all about our Constitution and the Rule of Law?  If he fails to act, then Speaker Boehner must be removed as the Speaker and not re-elected to the House in 2012.  Speaker Boehner is betraying his solemn Oath of Office, the U.S. Constitution, the Rule of Law, and the American people.  That Obama’s long form birth certificate is a forgery is obvious. One does not have to be an Adobe software expert to see it.  Read this report:

Presentation of Evidence: The American Typewriter — Obama’s ‘Typed’ Long Form Birth Certificate is Forged – Analysis by Paul Irey – Type Face Expert

CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)

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