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June 16, 2011

U.S. House Speaker Boehner is the Problem and is Blocking the Investigation of Obama. CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret): I Again Call for House Speaker Boehner to Investigate Obama’s Crimes — NOT IF, BUT WHEN? | by CDR Kerchner (Ret)

CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret):  U.S. House Speaker Boehner is the Problem as to Why Obama is Not being Investigated. He has the Power and Duty to do so and is Not Doing It! He’s blocking any investigation of Obama by the U.S. House.  I Again Call for House Speaker Boehner to Investigate Obama’s Crimes — NOT IF, BUT WHEN? | by CDR Kerchner (Ret)

A call to action by CDR Kerchner (Ret):  This is a national disgrace that our elected leaders refuse to investigate criminal activities in the White House out of fear of a backlash from Obama and his Chicago mafia and goons threatening violence if they are investigated. Do we have no rule of law left?  Do back channel whispers and threats of violence trump the rule of law? Has political correctness and affirmative action been allowed to go berserk in the controlling legal authorities avoiding confronting Obama over his criminal activities over many decades including SSN fraud by Obama? Are criminal bullies running the country?  When will the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives John Boehner call for an investigation of the criminal act of placing the forged long from birth certificate document onto the White House servers?  We need to demand he do so.   Send a letter and/or telephone Speaker John Boehner and demand an investigation of Obama’s criminal activities which include forging a birth certificate, using a stolen or invalid SSN, and filing a back dated and forged draft registration form.  The House of Representatives has the power and duty to investigate the criminal acts perpetrated using government property and servers in the White House. Here is Speaker Boehner’s address in Washington DC. Contact him today:

Here is a copy of my letter to Speaker John Boehner and the three attachments I sent him demanding action by him to launch an investigation into the grifter in the White House:

CDR Kerchner (Ret)

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  1. JOHN W MARTIN JR 16 June 2011
    WASHINGTON, DC. 20515
    Mr. Speaker.
    I am a retired USAF Master Sergeant, Combat Aircrew , Vietnam and Grenada veteran, and a lifelong registered republican.
    In my 35 year voting history I have endured having to vote for the lesser of two evils on many occasions.
    I have cringed in disgust as your esteemed body has awarded a series of golden parachutes to yourselves that are beyond comprehension for the very minimum time supposedly serving “We the People”.
    Hallelujah! I had an epiphany. I now propose that you introduce a bill to grant a special pay appropriation to the present entire Legislative and Judicial Legislative branch of the United States Government. The special pay to be based on the Americans with Disabilities Act. The disability I refer to is blindness.
    “There is no one as blind as he who will not see”.
    The current entire legislative and judicial branch of the United States Government refuses to see the evidence that exists in official documents relating to the present occupant of the office of the President of the United States.
    You, congress in total and the entire legislative and judicial branch of the United States Government have ignored that part of the constitution (article 2, section 1, paragraph 5) requiring that the President of the United States be a “Natural Born Citizen”, and (article 1, section 8, paragraph 10), “congress has the power to prosecute violations against the Law of Nations”.
    You and those mentioned above have ignored, distorted and ridiculed any attempt to inform you and the bodies mentioned that our Constitutional Republic has been hijacked by an imposter that according to the Social Security Number Verification System is using a social security number that was issued to a person who would today be 121 years old, the number that was issued was reserved for residents of the State of Connecticut, issued at a time when he was 15 years old and residing in Hawaii.
    You , et al, collectively and severally ignore the fraud of his Selective Service registration card bearing the fraudulent social security number, an obviously altered date stamp and the fact that the card was registered in the Chicago office of the selective service administration at a time when he was residing in Hawaii.
    You ignore evidence of his adoption in a foreign country rendering any claim to U.S citizenship moot
    until evidence of naturalization is presented.
    You accept without question a long form birth certificate that numerous licensed investigators and
    document annalist experts have emphatically stated is a fraud.
    While you are so ready to investigate a pervert or two in your ranks you ignore your sworn oath to
    protect and defend the constitution.
    You, by ignoring your oath of office, bear the responsibility for the destruction of our Constitutional
    Republic, you have thus far betrayed” ‘We The People” to the extent of treason.
    I urge you to amend your transgressions against your Oath of Office, the Constitution of the United States and “We The People”. Failure to do so will at the very least reserve your place in history not as an American Patriot but your name will replace that of Benedict Arnold as America’s most famous traitor, the one that succeeded in destroying the Constitutional Republic of The United States Of America.
    Initiate an immediate investigation into the credibility, credentials, and veracity of eligibility to no less a degree than congress conducted on John McCain.

    Comment by John Martin — June 17, 2011 @ 12:16 am

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