New Book: The Obama Error by Stephen Pidgeon

New Book:  The Obama Error by Stephen Pidgeon

Obama Error Book

Authored by Mr. Stephen Pidgeon
Here are the facts, and here is the law. The national fabric is forever torn, and the experiment in God-breathed freedom we call America is finished. When we look back to the causes of our demise, we will most certainly find the Obama error.

About the author:
Stephen Pidgeon is an author of both fiction and non-fiction works, the founder of several companies in high technology, an inventor, a student of theology and philosophy, and a pianist, guitarist, vocalist and composer of music. He is also the
founder and director of the human rights organization DecaLogos International, the world’s foremost human rights organization advocating the Ten Commandments as the source of all human rights, and he has written numerous treatises on the Midrash Halakha and what he calls the Torah Redeemed. Stephen has been a practicing lawyer since 1996, and has engaged in advocacy on behalf of clients from municipal courts to the United States Supreme Court.

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